RBD Juice Press
  • RBD Juice Press

    This is the newest freestyle design from RandBrand Designs! This frame encompasses many modern designs including thinner, 5mm thick arms and support for mini fpv cameras. The small body and footpring of this frame bring it in easliy under 90g. 3D printed accessories are also available! These accessories will include arm guards, a Go-Pro mount (Session or Hero), and an antenna mount/XT-60 holder. This frame has both mounting options for 20x20 and 30x30. It also has cutouts on the rear to hold an Immortal T very nicely! (3D prints are available for purchase on randbranddesigns.com) 
    - Support for most Mini-cams on the market
    - 30x30 and 20x20 boards are supported
    -Weight: 86g
    -Wide-X design
    -Small body design eliminating left over and unneeded space
    -7075 Aluminum Standoffs
    -Titanium Screws
    Frame assembly: Please note that the fit of the arms may be very tight. This is due to the fact that during the designing of the frame, a tight fit was preferable over a loose one. If you have a hard time fitting it all together, you may need to file out the side of the arms where they all meet. Also, when pressing the press nuts into the frame, do that separately before putting the middle plate on the frame. Press the press nuts into the larger holes on the middle plates by screwing them in with a screw, and then assemble the entire frame. This will make the process much easier and also prevent you from stripping a screw.